About the UCC

The United Church of Christ

From “The Unofficial Handbook of the United Church of Christ”:

“The history of the UCC is as long and complex as that of  the United States itself. In many ways, we are the first truly American denomination. That said, one way to talk about our history is to at four great streams that came together when the UCC was formed in 1957 …Evangelical …Reformed …Congregational …Christian.” This means that our history intersects with Lutherans, the Reformed Church of America, Unitarian Universalists, Congregationalists, and the Disciples of Christ! (pgs. 192-194).


Pacific Northwest Conference

Wayside is a part of the Pacific Northwest Conference (PNC) of the United Church of Christ (UCC). Made up of over 70 churches, 2 conference camps, and a conference office located in Seattle,  the PNC has churches in Alaska, Idaho, and Washington State. While many of the churches in the conference have roots in the Congregational church (like Wayside!), there are also some that find their roots in the German Reformed tradition.


UCC Coalition for LGBT Concerns

From the Coalition’s website:

Founded in 1972, the Coalition has helped the UCC reach each of its milestones on the journey towards acceptance and justice for its LGBT and same-gender-loving (SGL)* members. From General Synod’s first resolutions advocating for the civil rights of LGBT citizens to the church’s historic affirmation of marriage equality, the Coalition has been a spur to the conscience of our beloved church. By claiming our right to participate fully in ministry and fellowship, by reminding UCC members of the injustices that continue to prevail in wider society, by providing leadership for the growing Open and Affirming movement, the Coalition has been an effective agent for change in the UCC.


No matter who you are, or where you are on life's journey, you are welcome here!