Welcome to Wayside!

Welcome to Wayside! May you encounter the presence of God in this place and discover what it is to be unconditionally loved. No matter your age, gender, sexuality, race, political affiliation, religious background, job, marital status, disabilities, belief in God, or [fill in the blank]…you are welcome here!

We are a church made up of people from many different backgrounds with many different life experiences. Some have described us as a place for spiritual refugees. You will find believers and doubters worshipping together. We are all family and guided by the Holy Spirit, we do our best to live out God’s call to love one another.

What connects us is our belief that God loves each of us and invites us into God’s work to make our communities a more peaceful and just place. What grounds us are the Holy Scriptures, especially the teachings of Jesus. What inspires us are the traditions of the past, contemporary voices of inclusion, and visionaries for a more just future. May you discover not just a place to worship but a second home. We are glad you are here!

~ Pastor Allysa

Wayside’s 2021 Stewardship Auction!

Wayside’s 1st Annual Online Auction – THIS SUNDAY! October 24th at 6:30pm. There will be both live auction items and silent auction items, all of which can be found on the top menu, “2021 AUCTION“, or you can click HERE. The page is still a work in progress. While no new items will be added, more info on the items already listed might be. 

Here’s the Zoom info for the Auction:

Join Zoom Meeting


Meeting ID: 871 3939 8317
Password: Usual (please contact the Church Office)

We look forward to seeing you!

Annual Congregational Meeting 2021

Our Congregational Annual Meeting is after worship this Sunday, May 30th (using the same Zoom info as worship). We will be voting on our church leadership for the year and will hear about reopening and our roof. The Annual Report, along with the agenda can be found HERE. Please encourage others to be part of this meeting so we can reach quorum!

Future Outdoor Worship Services

Future Outdoor Worship Dates 

Rain or Shine, we will be worshipping outside on the lawn on these dates. You are encouraged to bring you own chairs, EZ-Up canopies, picnic blanket, etc. If there is torrential downpour, thunder, and/or lightning we will move into the fellowship hall. All services will still be streamed LIVE on Facebook.

August 8

August 15

August 22

August 29

Pentecost 2021

Join us Sunday, May 23rd, at 10am in our front grass for our Pentecost worship service! Bring chairs and canopies (if it’s rainy or sunny).

Maundy Thursday 2021!

For Maundy Thursday you are invited to come and walk through the fellowship hall to experience the story of Jesus’ walk to the cross. The experience is self-guided and you can come anytime between 4pm and 8pm. Pastor Allysa will be present during those hours. Masks Required. 

Easter 2021!

Join us this Easter, April 4th, at 10:00am for a parking lot worship service! We’ll have live music, communion elements for each vehicle and you’ll be able to hear Pastor Allysa via FM radio!

We hope to see you there! If you can’t make it, please watch via Facebook Live from our Facebook page.

Our Money Story – Stewardship 2020

We all have a money story, whether we recognize it or not. Perhaps we are living from a story of fear or shame. Or a story that the church is dying and no longer relevant. Or a story that our actions won’t have an impact. Or a story that we don’t have enough. Where might God be speaking a new narrative into the limited ones we have told ourselves? This theme invites us to discover and tell our money stories in light of God’s money story of liberation and justice. This Stewardship series encourages us to transform our stewardship practices into more full expressions of who we are and what we believe. 

This theme is intentionally direct—it invites us to name exactly what we’re talking about and not skirt around it. To speak of money is to invite tension into the room. We so quickly want to avoid it. But it’s time we reframe this. Money and possessions are one of the most common topics in scripture, and Jesus talked about money more than faith and prayer. Our money story, therefore, is a spiritual story. Thinking about God’s money story should be liberating, inviting, and transformative. 

This stewardship season, we invite you to remember, release, reimagine, and restore your money stories so that we can write the one God is begging us to live into. 

There will be many opportunities online and at home to engage this Stewardship season. 

Journal:You will receive a paper or digital copy of “The Stewardship Study Journal” that you can fill out each week on your own or join the Bible Study to go deeper with each week’s prompts 

Study: Every Tuesday from 7:30-8:30pm in October we will meet via Zoom to discuss each week’s theme using the Study Journal and Artist’s statements. 

Engage:Using poetry, art, storytelling, and other multi-sensory mediums there will be creative ways to engage with each week’s topics online and at home. 

~Wayside’s 2020 Stewardship Team

Download your Study Journal Here: 
The Stewardship Study Journal

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"No matter who you are, or where you are on life's journey, you are welcome here!"